UPTEC has won the coveted 'Award for Excellence in Electronics' thrice, for the year 1999-2000, 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 from Ministry of Communications and IT, Govt. of India for being the best institution for developing the human resources in the field of IT in the country.

Company Profile

UPTEC Computer Consultancy Limited is a multi-faceted I.T. company that started operations in 1993 and has since crossed many orbits to succeed at local, regional, national and international levels. Set up as a joint venture between the nodal public sector undertaking, U.P. Electronics Corporation Limited and a group of seasoned I.T. and management professionals with comprehensive work experience in leading institutions and companies such as IIMs, IITs, IBM and Bell Systems, USA, UPTEC's operations today span Uttar Pradesh and NCR in India, Africa (via Mauritius) and China. Through its various divisions, UPTEC today provides total I.T. solutions to individuals and organizations via a wide spectrum of diverse actvities that include professional I.T. education, software development, I.T. products and services, web based services for e-learning and e-testing and content design and development.


Professional Education

IT Education and Training
 Associations: Microsoft, Cisco, Red Hat, NIELIT, Integral University, IGNOU,  UPRTOU, SVSU.

An authorised partner of leading global corporates such as Microsoft, Cisco and RedHat for offering their global I.T. certifications.

Authorised by well known institutions such as NIELIT, IGNOU, UPRTOU,SVSU and Integral University for providing Govt. recognised courses upto MCA level.

Each and every centre rated as either 'A+' (Excellent) or 'A' (Very Good) by the NIELIT Society, Department of I.T. Govt. of India.

The winner of two consecutive 'Best Performance Awards' and Three time winner of 'Award for Excellence' from Govt. of India for outstanding performance in I.T. Human Resource Development in the country.

UPTEC's Allahabad centre is an authorised centre for on-line GMAT testing - the only in this region of India. 

Software Development

Development of software solutions
 Expertise: e-Learning Solutions, Multimedia Programming, Web-based solutions,  Mock-Test websites for  competitive examinations.

Develops first rate software solutions that include e-learning, multimedia and web-based solutions.

Has expertise in Embedded Software Development, Device Driver Development, Website development, hosting & maintenance and DotNet Technologies

Launched a major website project for grievance redressal of Indian Investors, www.investorhelpline.in This website is funded by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.  

 Web Based Services

Professional education programmes via the e-learning mode.
 TestMate: Web based competitive examination preparation and assessment services.

Has launched www.testmate.in, a co-branded e-testing website in collaboration with McGraw-Hill Education (India).

Has launched www.teachmate.in, an e-learning website, to support Chinese & African teachers and students. These services are now available in India also.

Content Design & Development

Focus: IT books, Courseware, Instructor Material, Interactive CD's,
 Products:  IT books for school and college students &  advanced IT  professionals, Yaksha CD's, Abhigyan CD's.

Designs and publishes I.T. books, coursewares, interactive learning CDs. Also provides content to reputed publishers like McGraw-Hill & Elsevier.

Has the Yaksha brand of CDs (for competitive examination's preparation) and the Abhigyan brand of interactive learning CDs (for children) in its portfolio.

IT Products & Services

Hardware and Networking Solutions
 Enterprise: A multicity chain of IT supermarts.

Owns and operates a multicity chain of I.T. supermarts. An associate of Hewlett-Packard, UPTEC has the largest HP showroom in this region of India.

Has prestigious clients such as RBI, SGPGI, CBI, UBI, HAL and Tata Motors etc. on its rolls.